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Send Your Grips in to Add an Image or Monogram

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Your Price: $50.00
Part Number: 75
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This will purchase work to add an image and/or text to customer owned grips as agreed upon by previous e-mail between the customer and GunGrips.net.  By completing this payment order, customer agrees to the disclaimer shown below.  

SEND INQUIRY EMAILS TO: [email protected]

1.  You must approve the proof artwork of grips via email prior to purchasing this option.
2.  Your grips must be smooth or have a smooth area for your image.  We cannot etch or print over checkers or stag areas.
3.  Customer accepts ALL responsibility even if we make an error that destroys the grips.
4.  Customer pays return shipping and handling (approximately $7.00 U.S.), ($20.00 Canada & Australia).
5.  Our price to laser etch or UV print our standard image and most customer images on grips not purchased at http://www.gungrips.net/ is $50.00/set plus the $7.00 S&H for a total of $57.00.

Mail your grips to:

5200 Teton Ave NE
Rio Rancho NM 87144

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